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Looking for quotes? Compulsory liability insurance is liability insurance. On the other hand, accident insurance is property insurance and therefore only compensates for the costs incurred. Get quotes now!

How To Choose Car Insurance

Finding the best car insurance is not an easy task, given the number of insurers that proliferate in the domestic market and the fact that the premium varies according to the characteristics of the car, the age, the profile and the gender of the driver, the place of residence or place of parking.

Before buying auto insurance you should: 

  1. Make a list of the various insurers in order to have several alternatives at the time of choosing. 
  2. Search on the internet the various offers of the insurers to know the different products available. 
  3. Some offer innovative services such as real-time trailer insurance. 
  4. Others offer coverage against theft and theft or insurance for trailer and trailer. 
  5. Do various simulations, both in low-cost insurers and traditional insurers: this way, you can find out what the most competitive value among companies for the modality you want.

Making a simulation of car insurance online is the most comfortable and effective way to get information about the existing options and the prices practiced.

Point in your list of insurers the prices that each one practice and compare them.

If you have any questions telephone the helpline and clarify all your questions.

After the simulation call and try to negotiate an even lower car insurance premium.

If you hire more than one policy you can get a valuable discount.

If you have multiple vehicles in your charge, the best will be to cover them all by the same insurer to save money.

Consult a mediator: Normally grants discounts of 20-25% on an insurance package.

Club members are also offered more favorable conditions in the motor insurance policy.

If you have a few years' letters or if you already have a claim history, you can put the insurance in the name of another person in the family or couple, but in case of an accident, the insurer can claim false statements and not cover the claim.

If possible pay the premium at once, so your price will be reduced.

If you find your value too high for your car insurance, move to another insurer on the renewal date.

If you do not pay the premium on the cut-off date, the insurance is automatically canceled.

You can also negotiate a lower premium in your company, arguing for an even more competitive bid from the competition.

Car insurance on behalf of another person

It is possible to take out auto insurance on behalf of someone other than the owner of the vehicle.

The law allows it but may find obstacles on the part of insurers.

Imagine that you are the owner of a car you need to insure, but you have a family member who can get a more advantageous premium.

Age or history as a driver.

Can you do the insurance on his behalf? The law says yes.

Who can be the policyholder?

As a rule, compulsory car insurance must be done by the owner of the vehicle.

This is what defines the Mandatory Liability Insurance Scheme, established by Decree-Law no. 291/2007.

But with exceptions.

Insurance against third parties, as it is also designated, may be made on behalf of another person in case of usufruct, sale with reservation of property or in cases of financial leasing.

In addition to these situations, nothing in the law prevents the owner and the policyholder from being different people.

What companies usually ask for is to identify who is the usual driver of the insured vehicle.

What are the disadvantages?

Even if you are not legally prohibited, you may encounter obstacles if you have the car on your behalf and take insurance on behalf of another person.

We refer to obstacles by the insurance company in case of an accident.

Especially if it results in injuries or death.

In extreme cases, insurers may even refuse to pay damages.

To avoid this embarrassment, the ideal is to check the contract before signing it.

And if you intend to insure your vehicle on behalf of another person, clarify the situation in advance, making sure you have proof that you were authorized to do so.

Insurance against all risks or liability insurance

Compulsory insurance, or liability insurance: this is, as a rule, the most used insurance in the market by the American, since it is also the most viable at the financial level.

If you have an old car, for example, it is not compensatory to take out insurance against all risks.

The civil liability insurance guarantees that, in case of an accident, the damages due for personal or material damages are secured.

However, these damages are only guaranteed to third parties and not to the culprit himself for the accident.

Car insurance requires some investment, so before choosing one, it is important to understand what the offers on the market are and what the best coverage is for your needs.

On the other hand, the Insurance Against All Risks, also known as own damage insurance, enables the insured to opt for more complete coverage regarding the normal liability insurance.

What are the possible coverages?

The coverages depend a lot from insurer to insurer, but the truth is there are some that are the most common.

These are: 

  1. Civil liability that covers damages to third parties and also damages to own (shock, collision, and rollover); 
  2. Theft and robbery; 
  3. Explosions; 
  4. Phenomena of nature; 
  5. Insulated glass breaking; 
  6. Fire; 
  7. Medical care; 
  8. Travel assistance; 
  9. Others. quotes