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Looking for 21com quotes? The liability insurance market has suffered a record loss last year, so this year most insurance companies have raised the cost of car insurance. Mandatory liability in 2014 rose by more than 10 percent year on year. Therefore, every driver will be interested in how he can save on the purchase of the liability. Get 21com quotes now!

How to act in case of conflict with the insurer

Difficulties in settlement of claims, differences in the interpretation of contractual conditions and collection of premiums motivate the majority of conflicts. Start with the company and know other ways to complain.

In car insurance, the most common doubts concern the person responsible for the accident, lengthy repair or compensation, and problems in obtaining a replacement vehicle.
Although less frequent, issues also arise with regard to life insurance, personal injury, work, housing multi-risk, and health.

In case of conflict, start by complaining to the insurance company. All insurance companies have an area dedicated to handling complaints. If you complain in writing, you must do so within 15 days.

Identify yourself and indicate the policy number. Expose the problem and its purpose clearly (for example, repayment or repair of a good). In the letter, attach photocopies of documents, such as receipts or invoices and identification of witnesses. Contact the insurer or the mediator where you have insured the insurance by registered letter with acknowledgment, e-mail or on the Net's website. In this case, ask for a receipt notice and keep a copy of the communications.

How Auto Insurance Works for Classics

Classical car insurance allows you to use an older car safely and more often.

What does it take to make automobile insurance for classics?

To make car insurance for classic cars you need:

  • own a vehicle of 25 years or more;
  • have made a valid inspection of the vehicle;
  • have another vehicle considered to be of daily use (with valid insurance).

Other requirements may be requested by certain insurers, such as the age of the driver being over 25 years old, having a driving license for more than 2 or 5 years and the car being certified as classic.

How to know if the car is a classic?

Insurers often have a list of car models considered classic, and not enough that the car has blown 25 birthday candles (not car candles). The certification of a car as a classic can be made with the American Automobile Club.

How much does car insurance cost for classics?

Classic car insurance is very cheap compared to normal car insurance. As they are less utilized, the price of insurance declines considerably. Car insurance for classics can cost from $22.95 per year in the case of liability insurance.

Car insurance for classic civil liability, occupants and travel assistance can cost $54.50.

Usually, the older the car, the cheaper the insurance. The driver's background (whether or not there are claims) and the insurance contract in the same company are other factors that make the insurance price vary.

Are there limits to the use of the classic car?

The conditions of car insurance for old cars depend on the insurer. While one can limit the use to a certain number of kilometers (5000 km, for example), another one cannot dictate any limit. The use of the classic car cannot be, however, daily.

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